Thursday, October 27, 2011

World Series–that’s a winner!

That’s one to cross off the bucket list – watching a World Series game in Baseball Heaven. Smile

World Series 2011 Game 1 Cards vs Rangers (1)

It was the best game and not just because we won!

World Series 2011 Game 1 Cards vs Rangers (6)

“I’m here for the toasted ravioli” – nice sign, even for a Rangers fan!

World Series 2011 Game 1 Cards vs Rangers (9)

Scott McCreery, winner of American Idol, sang the National Anthem. I thought he did a really great job!

World Series 2011 Game 1 Cards vs Rangers (16)

Our seats in the bleachers were awesome. I brought a blanket to sit on and one to sit under. It was just annoying when the guy next to me went and got a beer – because I got really cold with the wind blowing and him not there to block it!

We were up and down all night but on the final pop up that the Cards caught to win the game, it was so worth it.

Now they’re looking to win it at Busch Stadium – I’m going to quote the Rally Squirrel and tell you to “Go Nuts!”


  1. So awesome! You picked a great one to go to! My husband's been to every home game since they made the playoffs...and I've yet been to one. :( Oh well, it's nice and warm from my seat on the couch. GO CARDINALS!!!!

  2. So jealous! Looks like you had a great time! I didn't hear Scotty sing because when he started there was no sound on the TV! My brother & SIL were there for the AMAZING game 6 last night and another friend is going for game 7! I'm hoping they win because we are going to the celebration when they do! We went 5 years ago and sat inside the stadium to watch it all!