Wednesday, October 10, 2012

‘Tis the Season, I Guess!

I always seem to say this, but the fall is crazy.

Not only do you have the start of a new semester – but this is the last law school semester Hubs will ever start! Yay! – but you also have a bunch of work events. We have the usual events that are every year plus new special ones that got added to the calendar that cause me to twitch a bit. At one of them a few weeks ago, I ended up pulling a shoulder muscle and didn’t realize it until I got home and Hubs went to hug me and I started to cry because it hurt so bad. He tried to give me a massage that night but it was clear that I needed professional help. The bestest mama in the world hooked me with a massage at a local chain and I felt MUCH better after that. Almost human, even.

Then we’ve got all the holidays coming up. One of my work parties includes a Halloween dress up function, so that’ll be fun! Then there are conferences and more events and then the big annual dinner and then Thanksgiving. Then before we know it, it will be Christmastime (and maybe a trip to Vegas). That means Hubs finishes up law school (oh my goodness, it’s really here!), does the non-regalia ceremony thing, and then starts studying for the bar. Yikes.

I’ll be a single lady until the end of February when the worst road trip to Jefferson City and the two day bar test for Hubs happens. I think I might even be more nervous than he is – if that’s even possible.

That’s why I’m really glad we’ve been able to spend time together…

Late night Ted Drewes run the other day…


An afternoon in the apple orchard in Illinois a few weeks ago…


And a weekend with my mama and brother in Texas a few days ago.

10-06-2012 two

Best times ever.

I’m saving up the moments because come bar-prep and then (hopefully) full-time-job-land, our dates will be fewer and farther between. Not that I’m going to complain about my husband starting his law career and going to a job every day that he (hopefully) loves as much as I love mine. It will be hard – students loans scare me – but the idea that he can start up his career is really exciting to me.

So here’s hoping to more time hanging out on the couch, snuggling in the fall and into the winter, drinking new pumpkin beers, and enjoying our last semester as a law student husband and law school wife.


  1. Definitely get it all in now. Bar prep sucks! But he'll do fine...I know, easier said than done. But he will. I just know. :) Trust me.

  2. Love it! Enjoy every minute, that's for sure!

  3. Yay for Hubs! The end is in sight.