Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An Historic Weekend

Christmas Haus

This weekend, two of my girlfriends went down to Historic Kimmswick for our annual Cookie Walk adventure. Kimmswick is an adorable little town south of St. Louis (link here http://visitkimmswick.com/). They have other festivals like the Strawberry Festival and the Apple Butter Festival in other months, but us girls tend to go down during the Christmas period. The town is all dressed up and the houses and shops are decorated, the milk jug luminaries are set out all down the big highway that leads to town and then around the small streets, and everyone always has a great time.

Classic car

Usually when we go, we have to deal with coats and jackets and all that fun stuff. This year? It was over 60 degrees by the time we pulled in around 1:30 pm. Crazy. We had long sleeves and light jackets on and even then, we were kind of warm! But since the weather was so nice, there were lots of people around.

Christmas cookie plate

We picked up our cookie bag and proceeded to “trick or treat” our way around the town. It’s so much fun! You go to each shop on the list and you get a cookie in every place! Included in your cookie walk ticket is your bag, map, all the cookies, and a printed and bound recipe book of all the cookies you just got! This way, if you find your favorite cookie (like the Oreo truffle – YUM!), you already have the recipe and can make your own for Christmas. Such a fun idea.

Blue Owl Restauarant

Then, we get to our favorite part of the day. The eating. We put our names in at the Blue Owl (link here http://www.theblueowl.com/) when we first got there, and got a time of 4:30 pm to come back. Yup, that’s a three hour wait for those playing along at home. But it wasn’t so bad – we shopped while we waited. In fact, I told the girls that it was 4:15 pm and we had to go get our table and we were surprised the day had gone by so quickly! Usually, we eat lunch at the Blue Owl and then continue our shopping. This time, we had eaten lunch before we came down, but we still had to get our pie. Pie and wine. Awesome combination.

Apple pie

They’re famous for the Levee High Apple Pie and this year, I had it a la mode. Oh my goodness. It was so wonderful! Now I’m thinking about it, and trying to find a way to get back down there before next Christmas. Someone remind me to get one of these for Thanksgiving next year!

We found a bunch of fun things, like a Christmas cookie plate, a sign that could not be truer…Coffee, chocolate and men

An odd way to decorate for the holidays…

Kitchen strainer

We confirmed that Disney is truly everywhere…

disney stockings

And that I love snowmen. :)


It’s officially Christmas after we spend the day in Kimmswick. What makes you really feel like it’s the holidays?

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