Monday, January 28, 2013

I’m in Love…


… with a scent.

That is, the Sandalwood essential oil scent in the Art of Shaving starter pack.

Husband decided that he wanted to start using some better shaving elements than his cartridge razor and gel shaving cream. He’s going to be shaving most days for his new job, and having a shaving routine that’s better for his skin is probably a good idea!

We had been to the Art of Shaving in the Galleria before for gifts and he wanted to check it out over the weekend. We walked out with a sample kit for about $20 and the thought we might be back for the bigger kit.

At home, he opened up the package and got everything set up. I sat next to the sink and just watched him shave. First, the essential oil was rubbed over his beard to soften the bristles and add a layer of protection against the razor. With that added, the razor glides over the skin and removes the hair, leaving the top layer of skin – which is a good thing! Second, he used the brush (not shown) to lather up and add the cream over his beard. LOTS of lather and it was everywhere. An amazing white beard he got to play with! It was really quite amusing. ;)

Then the shaving part happens. I’m kind of impressed by how he does that. It’s crazy to watch! Slowly, the beard and white foam disappeared and a clean shaven husband was left in his place. He added the moisturizer at the end and then beckoned me to come feel his shaven face.

And oh. my. goodness. I’m in love. I mean, I love my husband, of course. After 5.5. years, I would hope that’s still the case! But after he shaved with this stuff? I wanted to go out immediately to get him the full set, with a fancy badger brush for the lather and the safety razor he wanted to use instead of the cartridge razor. Because damn. I sure I do love my husband even more after that shave! So amazingly clean shaven and yummy smelling… Damn.

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