Monday, March 12, 2012

The Journey of Fixing a Foot

When the doctor first told me that I would be on bed for two weeks following my surgery, I was excited about it! After all, who doesn’t want an imposed vacation where someone has to fetch you dinner, clean your house and do your laundry because you can’t go up and downstairs, and allows you time to read and watch endless amount of DVRed shows and Netflix? All in all, that sounds like a great thing to me!

So we started on February 29th with this…

02-29-2012 composite

A big bunion on my left foot (with a “yes” written on the foot to be sure they cut into the right one!) and a milkshake immediately afterward. You can see my big surgical boot sticking up behind the milkshake, too. I was hanging out in the backseat, carefree as a lark on the way home from surgery!


This has been my view since then. Stuck with a foot up in the air (toes above the heart, mind you!) with the TV moved up from the craft room. A week after the surgery, the doctor rewrapped my foot so it doesn’t look so ridiculously huge anymore.


He also said I don’t need those crutches anymore! I’ve been moving on my own two feet since last Wednesday. So THAT’S a good thing, at least! That also marked the time I didn’t have to elevate the foot again, which makes working on the computer so much easier.


Things that have made me happy while hanging out in my bedroom? Stuffed animals and chocolate crème eggs, of course!


Once I stopped taking the narcotics (because boy, do those things NOT agree with me, even with extra-strength nausea meds), I was living on this stuff – Tylenol and crackers. Being sick is not for the feint of heart, I can tell you that!

03-07-2012 two

My coworkers also sent me the sweetest get well basket – teas, crackers and jam with a pink Downton shirt (do you notice that font? Winking smile). It was perfect! Their note even had things like “Get the HEEL out of bed and back TOE work” – hehe.


And of course, my nook. It’s amazing to have all those books at my fingertips. I’ve gone through a few books so far and hope to finish another one by the end of the bed rest this week. If all goes well at the check up on Wednesday, I’ll be back at the office on Thursday. I’ll still be in the walking boot for another month, until they remove the surgical pin that’s currently sticking out from the side of my foot! I sure hope that one isn’t going to hurt. But really, anything is better than that bunion. Thank goodness for modern medicine!


  1. I'm glad you're healing well! Two weeks off your feet sounds so much better at the beginning than it does by the end. :-)

  2. Glad you are getting better! What a journey!