Friday, March 23, 2012

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Hunger Games

The Hunger Games ticket. A blank movie screen. And my special boot.

You know when you fall in love with a book and completely inhale the words on the page? And fly so fast through the book that by the end of the weekend, you have read the three short novels written for young adults and you’re sad because you have to wait for months for the movie to come out?

And then you realize that the movie might not be as awesome as the book? Because when is a movie ever as wonderful as the world you created in your imagination?

The Hunger Games was completely the first and definitely not the second!

A group of us bought our tickets for the midnight showing of Hunger Games the first day that they were on sale last month because we could not stand the idea of not seeing it the minute it was available. We made a plan to arrive at the theatre around 10 pm, to get good seats and catch up. We were very glad for doing that, because even around that time, there was a 2/3 full theatre of a bunch of high schoolers, many dressed up like citizens of the Capitol! We had a few giggles at their expense, but ya know, they were having a blast on a Spring Break weeknight, so who cares?

The minute the lights went down, the kids were shuffling, making noise, giggling all through the previews. After what seemed like a ridiculous number of them, the movie finally started.

And it was amazing.

Pretty much like they had reached into my mind, pulled out the images of the woods and the fight scenes and the food at the Capital meals and plopped it straight into the movie. It was pretty spectacular. The whole group, except one or two, thought the movie lived up to the book very well and was a great one to celebrate at a midnight premiere! I had a bit of a headache from all the shaky filming but overall, it was worth the looooong Thursday, not enough sleep into Friday morning and the expensive movie ticket.

I can’t wait until the sequel!


  1. It was really good! It has been awhile since I've read the books but I'm going to read them again. I couldn't come up with anything that they left out but I'm sure rereading the books I will. I think my husband is going to read the books now because he commented that he wished he had read it first. It does make some of the little nuances easier to understand.

    I still can't get over the TERRIBLE previews! I think I'll stick to reading because I get much more enjoyment out of books than I do movies.

  2. Love that we both were at the midnight premiere! I agree.. definitely a great portrayal of the book!

  3. I'm starting the third book tonight and I can't wait to go see the movie after I'm done! :-)