Sunday, August 16, 2009

I’m really glad that we have a microwave… or else, we’d starve.

I can’t cook.

My aspirations are great but the skills are not.

Tonight, I defrosted a pound of ground beef and made cheesy baked potato Hamburger Helper. How SAD is that?

I’m so jealous of those who always have a stocked fridge and a healthy meal on the table each night. How do they do that?

With law school upon us, I’m determined to start my meal planning up again. That way, each night I’ll know what to make and what we need to buy while it’s on sale to make that happen.


  1. We should talk about cooking. You can totally do this, it is something with practice, you will get very good at. I think most of the time after a long day of work, it's just too exhausting. Break it down into one meat, two healthy vegetables. Easy. Keep it simple is the key- if you want, I can throw you some recipes that you can fix in less time with fewer calories than Hamburger Helper that taste twice as good and take half the time to cook and are three times better for you. And you can have it all ready in less than 30 minutes!

  2. Oh that'd be great! I just like to have something decided on BEFORE I get home, so I know what needs to be prepared. I've tried meal planning but that doesn't really work too well.