Friday, August 28, 2009

Two weeks until opening night…

And nothing could be heard thru the theatre…

But giggles and guffaws on a Friday night rehearsal to fix problem spots.

[I never said I was good with words… just saying them onstage!]

The director said we had to run my one and only scene because damn, we haven’t seen it in weeks and we DEFINITELY needed to run it!

It seems like I keep running thru my lines too quickly. Thebes said I should slow down, like Gretchen needs to RELISH each word and love how it feels in the mouth. I also need to float down the stairs so I won’t fall on my ass. Gotcha.

Good points, but sometimes it’s so hard to put all of those notes together in one performance when I’m still trying to remember lines. I know I’m only onstage for a minute, but I need to try to stretch out my time and make it memorable. The other characters talk about Gretchen for the rest of the show.

Glad I’ve got a few more weeks before we open.. and a few more times to run it. This weekend I have to come up with a way to get my hair into a 1950s hairstyle. I’m thinking curly pony tail.

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