Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A really tough weekend

Last Thursday, I was prepping for a small event at work. While printing the name tags and waiting for the caterer to arrive, my personal cell phone rang. I grabbed it and saw that it was my parents’ home line, so that meant Dad was calling in the middle of the day, since Mom would still be at work. I figured he was calling to ask about Thanksgiving arrangements, since they were about to purchase tickets for everyone and start to arrange the hotel for the trip.

It was definitely not the call that I expected.

My dad started out with “Jess, I’ve got some bad news.” Words that you never want to hear!

My mother’s only sister, her younger sister, was found a few minutes before passed out, and the paramedics thought she had a stroke. Her son and daughter-in-law who live with my aunt found her and called my mom to ask for their advice.

After a few hours and a bunch of expensive tests later, they had administered the blood clot-busting medicine inter-cranially and she was resting comfortably in the ICU.

My mom was on a plane, and I was cleaning up from my event, mentally going thru my closet to make the packing easier when I got home. The next morning, I was up early and after grabbing a Starbucks to get me thru the long trip across Missouri, I was off.

I’m glad I went, because it was better to be around my family and to see the doctors working to help my aunt. We’re a really close family – only two kids and three grandchildren.

We had a few ups and downs, but she’s ok and getting better every day. Once they figure out why she had a blood clot and fix the whole in her heart that allowed the clot to enter the arterial side and up to the brain, then we’ll be ok.

She’ll be ok and we’ll work thru this. We just have to!

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