Friday, September 4, 2009

The Best Birthday Present Ever…

My aunt sang me “Happy Birthday” today, two weeks and a day after a major stroke. And I cried.

She’s on the rehabilitation floor of the hospital and is doing much better. Every day she gains something that she didn’t have the day before. Like certain words and the ability to walk with a cane while someone helps her balance.

But today, I turned 26, and Mom called me to wish me a happy birthday. She said hold on, and put the phone up to my aunt’s ear and started singing. Then my aunt picked up the tune and finished the song with “and many more!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Her singing to me was the best present I could imagine getting today. I love my husband and the beautiful lavender pearls from Shane Co that he surprised with me at lunch, but the gift of my aunt singing – it’s priceless.

It just goes to show – there are many things that are more important than material possessions. Things like love and life and hope are worth more than anything else.


  1. Happy Birthday! It really is true that there are some gifts that are priceless. So happy for your aunt :) I just found your blog and looking over it it reminded me how much fun I had when I used to act before becoming a nurse (which I also love). I'm following you now, and am looking forward toward reading more of your posts :)