Friday, October 2, 2009

When you can’t think of something to say…

Four things

Four jobs I’ve had
  1. Event coordinator (currently)
  2. Hostess @ Saltgrass Steak House
  3. Marketing intern @ Austin non-profit
  4. Wife :)
Four movies I can watch over and over
  1. Waiting for Guffman
  2. Center Stage
  3. North By Northwest
  4. Best in Show
Four places I’ve lived
  1. Smithville, MO
  2. Austin, TX
  3. Houston
  4. Arlington, TX
Four TV shows I love [so hard to choose just four!]
  1. The Dollhouse
  2. Fringe
  3. FlashForward
  4. So You Think You Can Dance
Four places I’ve vacationed
  1. Paris [our honeymoon]
  2. Grand Canyon [our first vacation, spring break of senior year in college]
  3. Eastern Caribbean [on a cruise]
  4. New York, NY [for college trips plus a bit of Broadway!]
Four of my favorite dishes
  1. Arancinis @ Vito’s [fried risotto balls – YUM]
  2. The old seafood ravioli at the Olive Garden
  3. Shrimp and crab risotto at Triumph Grill
  4. Grandma’s mashed potatoes
Four sites I visit daily
  1. The Hunger Site
  2. Facebook
  3. My Google Reader
  4. Twitter
Four places I would rather be right now
  1. On a beach in the Caribbean.
  2. Walking the Louvre.
  3. In a Broadway theatre watching an amazing show.
  4. Snuggling on the couch with husband.


  1. I really like the Dollhouse too! I so badly want to go to France! Maybe my next trip to Europe will be France :-)

  2. I love the old seafood ravioli at Olive Garden! Too bad we don't live closer...we could meet for lunch!

  3. Yay Paris! That's where we did our honeymoon too. It was magical.