Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Best Thing about a New House

We recently moved into a new townhouse that we’ll be living in for at least the next three years until Husband is out of law school and we know where we can start to put down roots.

Hence the blogging absence. That, and work has been insane.

But the best thing about my new house? I’m loving the new mattress that we got a few weeks before moving in. It was a compromise between Husband and myself – I wanted something softer, a la our guest bed, and he wanted something much firmer, a la a rock. (Heh. :))

So here was the issue – we couldn’t put sheets on the new bed in the master bedroom until we found the brand new mattress pad we bought specifically for this, because they said it prevents stains and keeps smells out, plus if the mattress gets stained it voids the warranty (WHAT?!). So yeah, we had to find that damn mattress pad. Needless to say, we looked in almost every box in the entire box-filled three story townhouse and COULD NOT FIND IT.

I was crushed. We had bought this beautiful thing to replace the mattress my MIL had purchased when Husband was twelve. TWELVE. And I’m pretty sure she got it used! It was DEFINITELY time for a new one. But I had to wait weeks because we didn’t want to move it to the old house just to have to move it again in two weeks.

So I waited until mid-October when we moved. Then the whole mattress-not-fitting-in-the-minivan incident happened. That’s a completely different post. BUT ANYWAY – we set up the bed and can’t find the mattress pad. I thought I was going to throw something.

A few days later, we were at the old house clearing out trash and moving the final few things when lo and behold, what did I find in a white unmarked shopping bag in the garage? MY BELOVED MATTRESS PAD. I whooped and hollered and generally made a nuisance of myself until Husband came over and did not find the situation as exciting as I did.

We got home and I was able to make up my beautiful new bed. This new mattress is just amazing – so comfortable! Combine that with new pillows and a new comforter we got just for the new place – a pretty brown with a design to coordinate with the blue wall in the master bedroom – I was so excited to sleep in the bed for the first time!

So that’s what I’m currently enjoying about the new townhouse. The boxes are SLOWLY going away. I never realized how much crap two people can accumulate after two and a half years of marriage.

We sent a huge car load or two to Goodwill and filled a small dumpster in the alley a few times over. I’m hoping we can do the same now that we’re moved and need to fit the same stuff in a smaller space. It’s time to purge!

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