Sunday, November 1, 2009

Adventures in Moving

Note to self: pack ahead of time. SERIOUSLY.

This was a crazy move. Let’s go back to September 30… come on… not that long ago… are we there yet? Good!

We got the keys for the new townhouse a full month before we had to be out of the old place in order to give us PLENTY of time to pack and move out. I mean, c’mon, we have a lot of crap! I knew it was going to take a while.

But remember that work life has been pretty crazy? And that, um, my husband is in his first semester of law school? Both of those things played a part in this adventure.

I took the day off before the move, to pack and get ready. Husband and I headed to my in-laws to get the brand new mattress and take it to the new townhouse. Yay for new mattresses!

But when we lifted the box springs up to slide it into the back of the minivan, no amount of shoving or contortion was going to get that thing to fit. I could NOT believe it. Husband insisted to me over and over that a queen size mattress would fit in the van, no problem! Hmph.

That wasn’t the last time something wouldn’t fit where it was going. After a long day of errands and then another long morning of packing on Saturday, we finally had two car loads ready to unload at the new place. My FIL and Husband took the oversized couch around the back of the townhouse complex in order to get it in the walkout basement rec room. I knew it was never going to make the tight turn in the first floor to go down the stairs to the rec room, so we decided to make it easier on ourselves by going thru the walkout first. 

I about hit the roof when Husband came back up and told me that no matter what they did, that couch was not going to fit thru the glass doors. His solution? Leave the huge couch and loveseat upstairs in my sitting room with a slipcover and let him buy new furniture for downstairs. Um, how about no? A phone call to the property manager and a few minutes later, I had an appointment with maintenance the next day to remove the glass doors and help get the couch inside the house.

Things are slowly getting put away and I’m struggling to clean any article of clothing that may have touched the floor or the inside of  box at some point during the move. I’m loving the wall colors in the new house, my beautiful new master bedroom comforter and wonderful grey curtains with a pretty curtain rod in the dining room. There are high points to living in my new townhouse! As soon as everything is set up, I may just show pictures!

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