Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (well, 12 hours…)


Last night in the rain, I had an accident on the way home from work. A mini van was making a turn and the sedan between us slammed on their breaks to avoid an accident – which made me slam my breaks. I avoided hitting the sedan, but another mini van behind me wasn’t so lucky. But there wasn’t damage to my back bumper, which is good!

The next morning, it was still raining but I was able to get to the car and make my way to the office. This was after pulling myself out of bed and just hoping the hair would look ok without styling it – I wasn’t feeling very good.

When I got into the parking lot at the office, I stepped out of the car and opened my umbrella. Well, sort of, because it doesn’t really want to work – the fabric part doesn’t falls off the skeleton of the umbrella. Kind of makes it hard to keep the rain off your head when the fabric doesn’t stay stretched out, if you know what I mean.

I put my coffee on the top of the car when I tried to gather up my bags and head into the office. Then that stupid umbrella knocked off my travel mug and it splashed all over me – on my new red peacoat, black pants and turtleneck. UGH.

I brushed off the coffee from my coat and was trying to shrug things off (I can live with a cup of coffee from the office pot, rather than my yummy Dunkin Donuts blend from home), when the door to my car shut itself. No biggie, right?

Then the car alarm started to go off. Don’t ask me why. Usually my Saturn Coupe has an alarm that gets triggered when you try to unlock the door with the key fob when you locked it a different way – I guess that’s for security in case your car gets stolen.

I reached into my bag to get the keys to silence the stupid alarm so the other offices don’t notice that it’s mine that’s going off, when it hits me – the keys aren’t in my purse. I look over at the closed car door and see my pink fake carabiners with the Saturn key fob. They’re sitting on my front seat.

Imagine me in the rain with a broken umbrella with a bunch of bags on my shoulder, the car alarm going off, and my keys sitting inches away, but with a locked door between me and them. FML!

Then to boot, after dropping everything off at my desk and in the bathroom to fix myself again, I realized that the coffee, complete with sugar and creamer, managed to get itself splashed into my hair.

What a rotten day!

(But did I mention that Husband got a scholarship and a graduate assistantship for the MBA program this afternoon? YIPPEE!)


  1. Boo for everything except the last paragraph. Hope things start to turn around soon.

  2. OMG! That sounds like the worst day! I hope it got better after that :)

  3. Oh no!! What a rough day. :-( Hope today is better.

  4. I HATE bad days! Especially when they start off bad...you just know how they are going to go from there....Hope your days get better!

  5. poor kid, I would have been cussing at the sky!

  6. Girl! If I could tell you the number of days I spill coffee on myself on the way to work!! But... I have not gotten it in my hair yet!

  7. Ack! Did you work the rest of the day? I may have called it quits at that point! You go girl! And yay for husband!