Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Isn’t Technology Supposed to Make Things Easier?


This has nothing to do with my problem, but the app cupcakes are so cute!

I was all set to blog a long ranting post about my iPhone and the problems I’ve been having with syncing my Google calendar there with my online calendar.

Dear Husband and I use Google Calendar and Google Docs to keep organized – we each can see each other’s calendar and know when someone is in class, or when someone is free one night to set up a date with another couple or what have you. It really comes in handy!

So when my iPhone calendar wasn’t syncing with my online calendar after I added an item on the phone, it was SO frustrating. I’m addicted to my phone (seriously, I am – just ask my husband!) and when it doesn’t work properly, I do NOT like it. I was not a happy Jessica.

But the oh-so-smart Google help forums helped me out. Turns out the Google really does know EVERYTHING. A recent update somehow changed one of my settings and calendar items were being added to the calendar on the phone and not the exchange calendar. That means that it wasn’t showing up on the online calendar as well as the phone. But by changing the calendar it’s posting to when I add the item on a drop down menu, it works!

Just like, voila, it’s fixed!

And because I was so successful in fixing my phone, I’m going to spend the rest of the evening updating my podcasts for listening to at work and folding laundry after that’s done. Don’t I live a glamorous life?


  1. Sometimes, technology is just too smart for its own good! :-) I'm glad it's fixed for you!

  2. That's a smart idea to sync your google calender with your husband's! I am glad you were able to fix your issues, I am having phone issues myself so I feel your pain!