Friday, July 20, 2012

A Sobering PSA

This is a Public Service Announcement… remember my brother’s accident back in March? And when he was a smiling happy kid again, with a skull that got put back together again? Well, my brother is doing really, really great. In May, they did the surgery that added the skull piece back in to cover the hole made in the skull to allow the brain to swell without damaging the tissue. More therapy, more tests, but step by step, he’s getting better. It’s really wonderful and truly a miracle.

So Hubs showed me Facebook the other day and I saw these pictures, well, it brought everything back from that day when I got the phone call. Mom said that she cried when she saw the car in person. I almost burst into tears, too.


Car 1

It seems that part of the car is actually missing, it was sheared off.

Car 2

You can see why his left foot and part of his left backbone was broken, and why the injury was on that side of his head.

Car 3

This one really got me – you can see the seat and then the side console that came over into his seat. The metal of the door completely buckled. And do you see what’s missing? There’s no steering wheel. It was sheared off and we think went through the windshield.


The next time you think about getting in a car after drinking one too many at dinner, please think twice. Because one inch either way and my brother would not have walked away from this car. We are incredibly thankful that he actually did.

Kind of a sobering way to spend a Friday night, huh?


  1. My stomach turned just seeing those pictures. It's a reminder that needed to be put out there.

  2. Wow, it's truly a miracle he survived that! He sure has someone looking out for him! Please tell me they caught the person who did this!

  3. Wow, it's just amazing that he survived. It's scary in pictures, but I can't imagine it in person.

  4. That is insane. So thankful he is ok.

  5. Oh wow, looking at that car I am so glad your brother made it through. I am so beyond sorry your family had to go through that but am glad your on the other side.

  6. Oh my word. That is just insane. I am so glad that he is doing so well. Praise God!

  7. Thank you for sharing! Some people really need to see this. But just think it could happen from us texting and driving as well. Thank God he has recovered and doing well!

    Cassie from True Agape