Monday, August 13, 2012

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

We’ve been very lucky to have a low-key summer around here. Hubs has been off from school, but he’s been working as a research assistant and an admin help around the school, so that hasn’t really meant he’s been any less busy.

There was a trip to DFW back in May and then it’s been kind of quiet, at least, by our standards. We are gearing up for a VERY busy fall around work, but we had two trips in the past two weeks that would just get us geared up for all the craziness to come.

Hubs’ family has a wonderful friendship with another family from when they lived on the same street when Hubs was born. The kids are the same age, and they have been friends ever since. Their only daughter got married at the end of July and we packed up and headed to Columbus, OH, for a celebration at Ohio State. The family drove up on Thursday night so everyone could participate in the pre-wedding activities and I flew in after work on Friday.

Saturday morning, everyone including my nephew, got gussied up for the wedding.

Wedding 1

Brother-in-law, nephew and his mama

Wedding 2

He will sleep anywhere. And how is this position even comfortable?!

Wedding 3

The ceremony was at the family parish in the Columbus suburbs, and it was a beautiful church. The bride was glowing, of course, and they played my favorite song – “How Beautiful” – as the communion meditation song. I cried, of course. ;) We did, however, have an unusual priest. Something about having fun rather than focusing on the solemnity of the occasion just put an odd spin on the whole vow portion of the afternoon.

Wedding 4

The food at the Blackwell was wonderful! The couple had an open bar during the cocktail hour and then limited beverages with the drink tickets. It turned out really well and I’m sure saved them some cash! Besides, Hubs and I “borrowed” his parents’ cards and really enjoyed ourselves!

Wedding 5

The centerpieces were old lanterns surrounded by oranges and other greenery. Real candle light added a nice touch! The little lantern next to it was our place card and our favor! Great way to do double-duty.

Wedding 6

Her colors were pink and orange, which turned out really well. There was nice lighting and the chair ties were a pretty touch. The cake was the centerpiece of the room, as it should be!

Wedding 7

A self-portrait. I hate the lighting in receptions for taking pictures, though – they never turn out quite right!

Wedding 8

There were desserts galore at the reception! First, cake pops, then wedding cake, and Rita’s Ice afterwards! I was a very happy camper.

Wedding 9

See also: photo booth. Very amusing!

Wedding 10

There was a lot of dancing at this reception and lots was done by Yours Truly. Husband even came with me on the dance floor for a few of them – and that is quite an unusual occurrence! But we had a blast (could that possibly be due to the open bar and extra drink tickets? Don’t know!). At the end of the night, I caught this adorable picture of my in-laws. They are so truly in love, I had to snap a photo. Aren’t they adorable?

In the end, what’s not to like about weddings? They’re so much fun!

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