Friday, August 31, 2012

August Awesomeness in Disney, Part Four

See parts one, two and three.

We ate, we drank, we had fun and met characters. But we did take some other pictures throughout the week that were really fun.

August '12 Disney (24)_wm

The view off the back of a boat from Downtown Disney to our hotel.

August '12 Disney (19)_wm

Me and my fabulous Disney hat, plus a lanyard with new Annual Pass exclusive pins. Those are our souvenirs that we bring home from each trip.

August '12 Disney (21)_wm

Fabulous margaritas at Cava del Tequila in the Mexico pavilion at Epcot

August '12 Disney (34)_wm

We got upgraded to a Princess room at Port Orleans: Riverside! It was amazing. This is the backdrop of the bed, and the picture actually lights up with fireworks when you hit a button.

August '12 Disney (32)_wm

Princess Tiana even left us a note! Well, she painted it onto the table but same thing.

August '12 Disney (33)_wm

There was even a Mickey waiting for us when we checked in.

August '12 Disney (47)_wm

Hubs wanted to include this one because of the crane in the soon-to-open new Fantasyland!

August '12 Disney (44)_wm

Balloons on Main Street

August '12 Disney (45)_wm

We even got to take a tour of Main Street and go backstage. We learned the stories behind the forced perspective of the buildings on Main Street, and a bit behind the naming of the windows there. It’s a very big deal to have a window on Main Street and is only given for those who make a major contribution to the company somehow.

August '12 Disney (96)_wm

We had wonderful seats for the Wishes firework show – from an angle we hadn’t seen it before.

August '12 Disney (26)_wm

Even without the twinkle lights on it, the castle always takes my breath away.

August '12 Disney (151)_wm

And what would a trip report be without adorable pictures of my nephew?

August '12 Disney (152)_wm

I feel like I have a million pictures of him in different hats.

August '12 Disney (133)_wm

The shirt says “my daddy wanted to name me booyah” – another treat from the ESPN Zone. Hehe.

August '12 Disney (138)_wm

One of our favorite parks. I love that big golf ball!

August '12 Disney (158)_wm

We took a much smaller raft than this big boat to Tom Sawyer Island in the Magic Kingdom one afternoon, wandered around, climbed on the paths, and then found some rocking chairs to just sit and look around.

August '12 Disney (162)_wm

One of our views, this was the small raft that takes you to the island.

August '12 Disney (159)_wm

What a view!

August '12 Disney (161)_wm

The Imagineers have all kinds of little details that bring the story to life.

August '12 Disney (142)_wm

This is a tradition – the Attitude Picture. We have pictures of everyone on the last day of the trip, showing whatever attitude comes to mind. This day, my BIL and the family did NOT want to leave Disney – and you can tell by their expressions!

August '12 Disney (140)_wm

Less attitude here, I think.

August '12 Disney (145)_wm

We asked a nice cast member to take this family portrait. We were leaving Disney, but we would be back soon! We’re already planning the next one…


  1. So awesome! I remember the Tom Sawyer adventure from when I went to Disney (so very long ago). Looks like you had an awesome time! You should put together a post of your top ten Disney tips!

  2. I miss Disney. You're lucky you get to go so often, woman :)

  3. Have you ever read "The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World"? I totally want to use this book as a guide through the parks on our next trip. I learned so many things that I wasn't aware of that I want to hunt down next time.