Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August Awesomeness in Disney, Part Two

Read the first part of my trip here.

Ok, so we ate a ton of ice cream for dinner on our first day at Disney. How else should you celebrate a three month birthday? ;)

So that was the first full day, on Saturday. Normally this would be the point where I moved on to Sunday’s pictures, Monday’s, and so on. But I guess we were having so much fun that we didn’t take a whole lot of pictures! We also have shots of almost ever part of the park, so we usually don’t take that many when we’re down there now. Also – I had SO much fun that I can’t quite remember what we did each day!

I do know that Hubs and I ate at one of our favorite restaurants during the week, at California Grill.

August '12 Disney (6)_wm

August '12 Disney (5)_wm

We were celebrating something, I’m sure! Well, since we weren’t celebrating a birthday or anything, they said we could celebrate coming back to our favorite restaurant and so, that’s what I got on my yummy caramelized banana and other awesome banana dessert. SO GOOD.

And just to continue with the food theme, we had the most amazing lunch at 50’s Prime Time CafĂ© with the whole family. It’s themed like you’re having dinner at your family table, with your aunt or uncle or cousin serving you lunch or dinner. Elbows off the table, eat your veggies, no back talk, things like that. If you mess up, you can end up doing some silly things! Our table was well-behaved and so no one got in trouble. But we all got names – Junior, Scout and I was Princess! It’s such a great theme and a fun way to interact with your server.

August '12 Disney (10)_wm

Brothers, hanging out in the restaurant lobby

August '12 Disney (12)_wm

See? It looks like my grandma’s kitchen!

August '12 Disney (14)_wm

We asked the server for a family portrait and we got this unposed one.

So much better than the posed one!

The last memorable actually happened towards the beginning of the trip. While my BIL and that part of the family were back at the hotel, we ended up at Biergarten in Germany at Epcot with my in-laws. We had never been there, and we had a blast! You are assigned tables family-style, although we didn’t share a table with anyone. It’s a buffet with all of my family favorites – it felt like I was going to a big family reunion and had all the usual German dishes. SO GOOD.

August '12 Disney (3)_wm

There were even performers during lunch!

August '12 Disney (1)_wm

Me and hubs, and our drinks.

August '12 Disney (2)_wm

We learned that Germans take their beer VERY seriously. But coming from St. Louis, this was no surprise! The family was quite amused when I tried to take a sip of beer from Hubs’ stein. It’s almost as big as my head. But my oh my was it good beer.

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  1. GREAT pictures!! Gotta love the ENORMOUS stein :)! So glad you had a wonderful, magical time...