Thursday, August 30, 2012

August Awesomeness in Disney, Part Three

Read the first installments: part one, and part two.

On our trip, we really enjoyed introducing our nephew to the characters – even though he won’t remember it! My BIL and his girlfriend had a lot of character greetings and got their autographs in his first autograph book. It was really cute. Some of our dining reservations included characters meals, where the characters come to your table for interaction rather than you waiting in line.

Tigger took an interest in my nephew. He came back again later and wanted to hold him! The cast member who was accompanying him was clearly VERY nervous at this, but Tigger did great and so did the baby. He was a champ!

August '12 Disney (60)_wm

Don’t think the baby knows what to think about the day-go tiger next to him.

August '12 Disney (67)_wm

August '12 Disney (68)_wm

Of course, I needed my picture with him too!

August '12 Disney (49)_wm

This was my profile picture right when we came back. :)

August '12 Disney (53)_wm

I felt bad smiling around Eeyore, but what else would I have done?

August '12 Disney (75)_wm

Family picture!

August '12 Disney (109)_wm

With the Big Cheese himself!

August '12 Disney (104)_wm

Goofy is my BIL’s favorite character, so this was a great picture.

Notice Mickey on my nephew’s onesie!

August '12 Disney (105)_wm

I love my MIL’s face in this one.

August '12 Disney (112)_wm

I love meeting the characters, no matter how many times I may have seen them before.

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