Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Modern Life is Complicated

I’m having storage issues.

Before we left for the wedding and for Disney (trip report and pictures are forthcoming), we discovered a problem. Our long-time Maxtor external hard drive wouldn’t boot. We plugged it into my PC, into Hubs’ Mac, even took it to work to see if it worked on those computers. My IT guy looked at it on his break and deemed it probably dead. He couldn’t get it to boot either.

We were stuck.

I had had good experience with the customer service at the Microcenter store here in town when  my Acer PC wouldn’t recognize its DVD player and therefore I couldn’t upload some pictures from a Disney Photo Pass DVD to my hard drive. I decided to take the hard drive there to see if they could help me out.

Unfortunately, the second they plugged it in, they looked at me and told me it was dead. It wasn’t booting, and apparently something has happened to the plates inside. It’s the worst possible scenario and the most expensive fix.

I took the hard drive home and on my desk it has sat ever since, while Hubs and I try to decide what to do with it. It’s got all our wedding pictures, videos, and all our personal photos since 2004. I so want those pictures!

But that leads us to this week – we got back from Disney on Saturday night, and I’m dying to write about the trip and show you the most adorable pictures of my nephew with Tigger. SO CUTE. However… when I went to upload my Disney pics from the DSLR to the computer, I got an error message that I don’t have enough room on my 220 GB hard drive PC. So either I start deleting the pictures I’ve been saving up to transfer to the external hard drive or just not deal with pictures this week.

I’ve decided that I can wait until later to add pictures to Facebook and blog about them, but the storage issues are getting quite annoying.

And yes, we’re looking into cloud storage too. But I want to have the storage in person with all of our pictures from our life. Is that too much to ask?

The ironic part of all of this? When I plugged in the external hard drive a few weeks ago and found out it was dead, I was about to back all of the pictures up to multiple DVDs as an extra safe back up.



  1. I'd be freaking out! I do back up all of my files onto an external hard drive once a month. With my pictures, I have CD's made at walmart or walgreens when my camera card fills up. It's been working for me even though I have a ton of CD's!

  2. I would DIE. That is so not good! I'm so sorry!

  3. Gah - technology is brutal! :( So sorry to hear!