Monday, April 9, 2012

Things that I’m Loving Right Now…


  • This guy with a big ole smile on his face, eating at our favorite steakhouse for Easter Sunday. He might just be the best little brother a gal ever asked for.
  • Spending time with my mom and brother. He’s doing so much better, we’re not even missing that one point on his LSAT that he jokingly says the collision took away. Thank you for all the prayers – it is a miracle that he is still with us, walking and talking and making jokes that go over my head about ancient philosophers. We are so very grateful that my dad was up there acting as a guardian angel that night.
  • Speaking of my brother, he finally got the rest of his head shaved. The asymmetry was driving me crazy!


  • In less than 24 hours, THIS guy will be home from Europe for good. I cannot tell you how excited this makes me.
  • Family. I love everyone that is included in that grouping and I’m making sure they all know it. So Mom and MIL who read this blog – I love you!


  • Regular shoes. I never thought I would be so happy to wear tennis shoes. I’m still moving slowly but wearing matching shoes is helping keep my hips in alignment while walking, so that’s a good thing too.

cinnamon rolls

  • Cinnamon rolls. These were the best cinnamon rolls I think I have ever had. They were Grands Cinnabon and Mom said that calories didn’t count on Easter so I had one. And then I collapsed from a sugar coma. Oh my.

What are you loving right now?


  1. Loving the picture of James and you and knowing he is doing so well.

  2. Loving the picture of James and you and knowing he is doing so well.

  3. Glad your brother is doing so well!

  4. Those are all things to be happy about and celebrate! So glad your brother is doing well and your husband will be home soon!

  5. So glad your brother is doing so well and that your husband is HOME!!!!

    (By the way, you have the CUTEST haircut!)

  6. So happy your little brother is doing well and your hubby is on his way home to you! What a great week!