Thursday, April 26, 2012

And God Blessed the Broken Road, Part 10

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Once Husband had asked my dad for permission to propose, I figured it was only a matter of days. After all, it was after Easter and almost to May – my self-imposed deadline for proposal. I said he couldn’t propose before May, so I thought for sure we’d be engaged on May 1 – why wait any longer?

Well, May 1 came.. and went. May 2 came… and went. On and on, every new day came and went and I kept wondering WHERE my engagement ring was.

I was awfully busy with finals and moving out, so I couldn’t dwell on the issue too much.

Finally, we were at graduation week. Husband was there with me the whole time, helping me celebrate during our Senior Week (even though he graduated the next December). We had a great time with my family during the pre-commencement ceremony – this is the part of graduation ahead of the big ceremony with the typical commencement speaker, where your name is actually called and you walk across the stage. With a school as big as ours, we do this by school so it doesn’t take years to graduate the students.

That night, we were unwinding at my new off-campus apartment while the roommate was off somewhere else, because it had been a long few days. I was sitting on an awful, small little couch that we had sofa covering on that didn’t really match anything else. I loved that it was my first non-campus apartment but it was so low to the ground, it was almost impossible to get out of gracefully!

I had taken off my gown and hung it up, and sunk into the low couch, and closed my eyes. I called out to Husband who was doing dishes in the kitchen how happy I was that my family enjoyed having him around at the celebration earlier in the day. I said that it felt like he was part of the family already!

Something made me open my eyes, and I saw Husband kneeling in front of me, with a small ring box in his hands. He smiled and said, “Well, why don’t we make it official?”

I immediately burst into tears and he put the ring on my finger. It was amazing. Beautiful. A perfect moment. Just the two of us in what would become our first home together, starting our lives.

He claims that I didn’t answer yes for a few minutes. Well, I had to go into the kitchen and see it sparkle in the light! ;) After he prompted me with the question again, I finally answered with a big ole yes!

That was May of 2006, and we were married the next April. Five years later, we are still going strong!

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  1. Love this! I'm so glad you continued this series.