Thursday, April 19, 2012

Having a Husband Home Is Awesome

Having my husband home is awesome. I just can’t get over that he’s really back for good!


We won a trophy. This is a Sunday Night Dinner Crew, a la team Cougar Terror, tradition. I don’t get the name, and I don’t quite get the idea of a trophy. There are no rules, but if someone does something sufficiently awesome, they get the trophy bestowed on them. Hubs got it for surviving France. A few days later, it went right back to our friends because he ran the marathon in St. Louis a few days ago. That was sufficiently awesome for the trophy.

I also keep getting these great picture texts from Hubs who has been very productive at the house while I’ve been at work this past week.

mail holder

I have been so frustrated with the mail flying all over the foyer when I walk in the front door so I found this inspiration picture on Pinterest and hoped that I could create something similar. The problem was our metal door. I can’t put any nails in it to hold up the basket. Insert my brilliant husband. He found a wreath holder we had in the basement and set it up! Now, it doesn’t work perfectly, because the mail still tends to fly around. But he’s the first person home usually, so he gathers everything up into the basket and it keeps it from cluttering up the table. So it’s definitely a step in the right direction!


Another fun addition he made was the key holder near the front door. As you may remember, I’m prone to leaving my keys INSIDE the lock on the outside of the door, aka where people can open the door and come into my house using my own silly keys I forgot. I just seem to be busy about getting in and dealing with the mail on the floor, etc, etc, etc, and somehow ignore the keys. But now, my keys have a home that isn’t in the abyss of my purse, and I will notice when they aren’t there. It’s really quite helpful! Three days and counting, and no keys have been left to brave the elements outside!

So yes, having my husband home for a week has been wonderful. I may never let him leave again!


  1. Happy 5th Anniversay early. Glad he is home for that.

  2. Hot glue a big magnet on the basket and stick it to the metal door? If the basket was closer to the hole, more mail might make it into the basket.

    So happy for you that he's back. I couldn't have done it.

  3. Yay to your husband being home! I'm sure it's wonderful having him back. So nice that he's being so productive around the house too! Double score!