Saturday, June 27, 2009

I love sales

Instead of driving all the way out to St. Charles this morning for Costco, we decided to hit up Old Navy on the way home from our errands. Costco always has great deals on clothes, and we needed some new stuff for our trip to Disney next week (less than 8 days ‘til we’re in the land of the Big Mouse!).

Old Navy has the BEST deals this week – until tomorrow, I’m pretty sure.

Hubs got a pair of reversible shorts – blue plaid and solid blue – for $30. Ok, so those weren’t on sale. But if you think about it, reversible shorts means you get at least two outfits out of it. So really, they were $15/outfit. I think that’s pretty neat!

I also convinced him to pick up a pink polo – it just looks so preppy! I love it. He got another polo, too, to round out the outfit with the plaid shorts. Those shirts were only $10/each. How can you beat that?

I picked up two flip flops for $5 and two t-shirts for $5/each. I love sales!

The funny thing is, I found a bunch of summer clothes when I cleaned up the master bedroom. That should teach me to go shopping before figuring out what I need.


  1. I always shop without having a needs list...I end up giving so many clothes to my sisters! I'm not really a thrifty spender. :)

  2. I just love shopping. It's so hard to stop at just a few things!