Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It’s a Numbers Game

Hubs decided to apply for SLU law school a few months before the application was due.

I was so proud of him – he spent so much time researching the programs and loans and everything law-school related. He came up with spreadsheets and time tables and calendars. He was so ready!

Although applications were accepted beginning in September, he was still working on getting everything together in the package. There was a lot of paperwork, but more importantly he was working on securing recommendations.

Once we knew that he had some references to write him a letter, hubs sent in his application and then we waited.

It seemed to take forever.

Literally, we only waited a month or two – even now, it’s giving me a stomach ache to even think about the time we spent not knowing what our future would hold.

Every day, hubs would check the mail for the favorable 8x10 mailing package or the dreaded little envelope. For weeks, there was nothing!

Then one day, hubs got the mail that day and lo and behold, an envelope from SLU Admissions! A huge envelope that was heavy and that probably meant good news! However, the saga was not over…

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