Sunday, April 18, 2010

31. No fast food for one week


For Easter, Husband and I decided to give up fast food in order to save some money and eat better food.

Our definition was any drive thru situation that didn’t serve me food with a waitress – so things like McDonalds, Lion’s Choice and Arby’s – all of those things.

If I had to go out to a restaurant for a work thing or something similar, we didn’t count those. I figured we could eat better even at a sit-down restaurant than a fast food one.

Let me just say that it was SO much harder than I thought. We ended up cheating a bit – after all, Sundays don’t count in the Lenten observance. Did you know that? The 40 days of Lent don’t include Sundays so my Grandma always ate whatever she gave up for Lent on Sundays after church. I figured that was good enough for me in this case, too!

In any case, we got thru it (sort of) and now we’re back to normal. You know how some people give something up for Lent and then they can’t ever go back to those things they gave up? Um, yeah – that didn’t happen. I am saddened to say I’m craving fries drowned in fat just as much as I did before.

But it did fund Husband’s new Xbox. So it’s a win all around, right? :)


  1. That sounds like such a good thing to give up! I have to admit, that photo you posted made my stomach growl. Yumsters!

  2. I just really love fast food, hahah! It is SO bad but SO good!

  3. Those look like In-N-Out burgers. Oh, you've just made me so hungry.

  4. Good job! It is hard to give up stuff like that, but better for us in the long run!

  5. I gave up fast food- not for lent but for life about 8 years ago and I never went back. The feeling of cooking for myself is wonderful. I love eating out at restaurants, but I can't stand fast food. I have no taste for it any more-
    I love Lion's Choice- one of the more healthy options, though. I have to say what made a huge difference for me was watching Super Size Me-
    I wonder what you replaced it with that made you crave it when you went back? I kind of think you probably weren't off it long enough for it to get out of your system if you were cheating once a week...
    The thing about giving up fast food is your body is so much more productive and your energy level so much better.