Monday, April 26, 2010

98. Organize the craft room


Ok, so I don’t have before pictures – and I’m not quite sure I could actually show them to the whole internets. :)

Since we moved in last fall, I’ve been trying to figure out how to organize the new place, including the craft/sitting room.

The walls look more blue than they really are – it’s actually a nice turquoise/teal. The red papasan chair and red coffee table will hopefully be replaced with white ones – to match everything else in the room.

I had to get more storage for all my crafting supplies. You can see the Cricut machine peeking up over the chair – that’s on another bookshelf that holds the machine and the cartridges. On the bottom shelf I have a bunch of binders that I plan to use to organize the household – someday, that is.

The corkboard hiding behind my crafting table will be covered with white fabric so I can showoff my Disney collectable pins. I’m not quite sure where it will go because my storage units are taller than I had planned.

But yes, I can cross off number 98 from the list!


  1. Looks great! It's so much more fun to use the craft room when everything is in it's place!