Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I’m actually thanking the IRS now…

A few weeks ago, I gathered up all the W-9s and donation papers and sat myself in front of the computer to file the taxes on Turbo Tax. It was a really easy way to do it, actually – I was QUITE surprised. I picked the most basic package and given our income, we were able to file the federal return for free!

Husband and I made an agreement that any refund we received would go into our “Disney fund” – did I mention we’re going back again? 48 days until we’re there for a family wedding. :)

So imagine my surprise when I saw that refund calculator sitting at $6 – wow, I could buy an ice cream bar at Disneyworld. Well, I realized that I had only entered the income and none of the deductions.

Thank you SLU for giving my husband a place in law school and letting us defer his undergraduate loans!

That green refund calculator kept rising and rising and rising…

The number at the end was VERY pretty. :)

That means we get to pad the savings account, get a nice couples massage before final exams, have some fun money in Disneyworld…

AND get me a new laptop!

New computer 2 Please excuse the poor iPhone quality photo but I’m too lazy to go downstairs to get the real camera.

New computer 1You can totally see the difference between the new one on the right. It’s a wide screen Acer Aspire with lots of goodies in there, the most important being a memory card reader, three USB ports, good memory so I can run lots of program like I do.

We’ve been shopping for one for a few weeks now, after we realized we would get a refund. My old laptop has been SQUEEKING along for the past year and I’ve worried it was going to up and die one day. I’m lucky that we were able to get the new computer – albeit refurbished – for our price now, rather than waiting for the old one to die.

I would tell you how awesome it is to type on RIGHT NOW but unfortunately the battery died when I was downloading iTunes. Oh well. It’s sitting on the floor next to the bed and charging. I can play with it in the morning.

OH! And I didn’t even tell you the BEST part. Windows 7 allows you to customize the look of your screen and windows and stuff. I picked PURPLE. And you can even pick the shade of purple. WOW. Ladies, it even matches the adorable mini purple mouse I picked up at Target so I wouldn’t have to use the track pad all the time.

It’s the little things in life.


  1. Don't you just love tax refunds? I'm still waiting on mine and then I'm thinking a flat screen tv will be calling my name :)

  2. No fair, your return sounds much better than ours. I think it is because of my job and such. I'm glad you got a new computer! I got a pink netbook last year and I love it. Yes, because it is pink!

  3. Oh, wow! That is incredible! I feel totally jipped somehow right now! We got back a refund, but it would not have covered a laptop, much less all of the other goodies you are getting! I'm going to need a law student tax lesson, apparently! I wonder if I did something wrong and we could amend them?

  4. Wow! Yay for refunds! That's so nice to earmark those funds for something fun for both of you.

  5. Hooray for a new laptop and a good deal! It's always nice to get money instead of owing! My grad classes have helped me with getting a refund, although they don't give you as much anymore. May have to send my husband to school next just to keep it!

  6. B, it was so awesome to see that money came in. I almost couldn't believe it! Yippee!

    Mostly, I think it was his undergrad loans that really helped us so much. I have no idea how the tuition works but I think it did help a bit.

  7. Gotta love refunds! Nice new laptop! I need me one of those :)

  8. yay congrats on the good return and how fun that it's going to a disney fund! i can't wait till I get to go again too!