Friday, June 4, 2010

Flowers and champagne in Walt Disney World

We were in Walt Disney World right after the Flower and Garden Festival. There were still some neat topiaries leftover…

At the Magic Kingdom:


At Epcot:

IMG_3101 IMG_3102 IMG_3107

When we got back to the room that evening, we had a message waiting for us on the phone. You know that it’s strange to have a message for you in a hotel room!

I called down to the front desk and was told that we had an anniversary present waiting for us and someone would bring it to us shortly.


This is what we got! It’s an anniversary present from my in-laws. We were there a few days early to celebrate our third wedding anniversary {a month late, but it still counts!} and his mom and dad decided that we needed a yummy treat on our first night.

We got rose champagne and champagne glasses with Mickey heads etched on them. The package also had sun-dried tomato basil cheese spread and crackers.

There was also a card…


It says:

Today you have been given two gifts.

One gift is the treasure

you hold in your hands.

The other is the gift of thoughfulness.

Both were meant for you.

Isn’t that sweet? The champagne was quite yummy and we just sat back that night and enjoyed each other’s company. I literally have the best in-laws. :)


  1. How sweet! Our trip to FL is our anniversary trip this year. We're only going a week later though! Thanks for the hints on the fireworks!

  2. How sweet! I always hear all these horror stories about the in-laws so it's nice to know that someone likes theirs!