Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Right now, I’m feeling…

Like my feet are going to fall off.

I was basically on my feet for ten hours today, working two events and all that that entails.

flickr - vmiramontes


Let’s just say that the iced grande cinnamon dolce latte with whip this morning did NOT get me through the event like it should have. The petite vanilla bean scones did NOT cover the gap.

I love planning events but sometimes, I get exhausted by everything that has to get done in order to pull it off.

But everyone who attended, both staff and guests, raved about the logistics and food and the sneak peak that we gave the guests. I wish I could say more, but you know about that internet privacy thing!

I wish I could take off the rest of the week or go in late tomorrow… but there’s too much to do. I’ll have to settle for lunch with a colleague and a volunteer tomorrow, and a site visit for a new event on Thursday. Then it’s on a plane to visit my mom on Thursday night to spend the weekend with her. That’ll get me through!

Besides, the office is closed on Friday. :)


  1. Closed on Friday?! Lucky you! Do you have Monday off, too?

    And congrats on a job well done on your event!

  2. I love those little scones from Stabucks. I always get three, it's such a weakness of mine!

  3. 10 hours! Yikes! I hope you got a long bath after that. Glad the events went well though!

  4. B - they're closing our office on Friday *instead* of Monday. Leave it to us to be different - everyone is closed on Monday, which makes sense since it's a late holiday on Sunday!

  5. WOHOOOO for you being off on Friday, but boo for Monday. :(