Thursday, June 3, 2010

I couldn’t get to Florida quick enough!

We had a late night on the Monday before Memorial Day weekend, packing and doing laundry, getting ready for the early morning flight.

Since we live about a half hour from the airport and I’m cheap and don’t want to pay for airport parking, Husband and I had to drive to my in-laws’ house {about forty-five minutes away} and then my FIL was able to drop us off at the airport. This meant we got to say hi to them before leaving and save money by not parking at the airport. Win!

It was a quick flight but it always seems longer because we’re on our way to DISNEY WORLD. Oh my gosh. I’m pretty sure I looked like a little kid hopping up and down in my seat when we took off.

With only two of us {and using Disney’s Magical Express service} it was really quick at the airport. We just got off the plane and headed to the bus. We were in our room at Saratoga Springs just about two hours after we landed.

Let me just say that online check rocks. We were able to go to our room right away! And this is what we found waiting for us…


This is the view from our room… that’s Fulton Crab House at Downtown Disney. So pretty at night!


Of course, the first thing we hit up on our Disney trips is the Magic Kingdom. This is the traditional train depot first picture. I think I have about ten of these… but it’s just so classic!


Speaking of classic, nothing says Walt Disney World more than this beautiful thing…


Writing this post only a few days after coming back makes me wanna go back again!

Since there’s not a whole lot going on in my life right now {other than Husband’s MBA orientation and a lot of work}, I think I’ll do a couple more posts about this trip. We just had so much fun – I took almost 200 pictures! Don’t worry… I don’t think I’ll post all of ‘em. :)


  1. Sounds like you had a good time! I can't wait to go in a few weeks!

  2. Welcome home! I'm glad you had a great time. :) You are making me want to go! As a Cali girl, I thought I got my fill with just regular Disneyland. I think I am very- VERY wrong. :)

  3. ahhhh!! i can't believe your trip has already come and gone! so lucky:) i'm so glad you had a wonderful time!

  4. I'm jealous! I haven't been in years, but it sounds like you guys had just a fabulous time!

  5. aww I love disney! Your pictures make me want to go!!!