Monday, October 4, 2010

The Best Garage Sale EVER

It was the annual Sunset City garage sale the Saturday before the family wedding. My friend M and I went this past spring (I think they hold it twice a year) with M’s mom and aunt. They are SERIOUS garage sale shoppers. They agreed to take me along and show me the ropes. M had been lots of times and thought it would be fun to have someone her own age (and someone with similar tastes as her) go along too.

This time, M asked me to come along with her sister and go on our own. The other ladies weren’t free for this one, but we figured we had learned a lot and were ready to strike out on our own.

I was up at 5:15 am and at M’s house by 6 am. Thank goodness for Starbucks, because we stopped there at 6:30 and hit up our first sale by 6:45 am. It was going to be a very successful sale day, we KNEW it.

I think it was the first or second stop where we found THE HOUSE. It was like the holy grail of garage sales.

I found a Coach bag.


Isn’t she pretty?

You won’t believe what I paid for her. $5. YES. I couldn’t even believe it. I didn’t bother bargaining (something M’s mom and aunt would be very disappointed in!) but it was such a good deal I couldn’t ask for less.

Every time I pick up the bag to head out to run an errand, I just grin from ear to ear. I lurve my new bag!!!


  1. Great bag! I CANNOT believe you got it for $5! I sold my Dooney and Burke at a garage sale for more than that and they're cheaper than Coach!

  2. So jealous!! Who sells a Coach bag for 5 bucks??

  3. $5????I just died with jealousy