Saturday, October 2, 2010

I crashed a wedding today


My mom’s cousin’s daughter got married this afternoon in my mom’s hometown. I drove to Kansas City last night after work and we went as a family (grandma, mom, aunt, cousin and his wife, and me) to the wedding today.

Mom was supposed to call her cousin and let him know that I was in town this weekend, and would it be ok if I could come to the reception.

Last night, sitting at my grandmother’s kitchen table, I asked what her cousin had said when she asked about the wedding. The table went silent. My mother looked at me sheepishly… and didn’t say anything.

“You didn’t call your cousin?!”

“Um, not exactly.”

“Oh mother…”

So an event planner went to a wedding and crashed it. The wedding of a woman who I’ve never met. Yes, it was the daughter of a family member, but still. I don’t think I’ve ever met her. Couldn’t even pick her out of a line up.

In any case, it was such a beautiful wedding! The ceremony took place in the same parish that my parents got married in 30 years ago. Granted, it’s a different building (the original church was remodeled and not used as the sanctuary anymore) but it was still pretty neat.

At the reception, the buffet line wound its way in front of the head table and we got to chat with the bride and groom. She actually DID know who I was, which was really nice. :) We must have met at some point, or at least she knew that my mom had a daughter and I must be her.

But still. I don’t recommend crashing a wedding. It was just kind of awkward.


  1. hahahahah! Hilarious! That is SO something my mom would do. I could see that same convo happening with us.. awesome. :)

  2. I'm glad it all worked out! Had anyone crashed ours, they would have been disappointed because we wouldn't have had a seat for them! haha

  3. So glad it worked out!

    (I have to admit, my OCD former bride nearly threw up reading this post... Only because we had a stringent budget and DID have a few people call at the last minute to ask if they could bring extra people. ACK.)