Thursday, September 30, 2010

Straight No Chaser Live at the Pageant

On Wednesday afternoon before the SLU Career Fair, a friend at work asked me if I wanted to use her extra Straight No Chaser concert ticket. The group was at the Pageant that night and she had really good tickets. After some maneuvering of how to get me there and then get me home (Husband and I shared the car that day), I was all set.

And oh boy, I was SO glad I went! These guys are AMAZING in concert. We had great seats, and I had to take some video. They even said it was ok! After all, they got their record deal from a YouTube video. So I guess it’s fitting that I can embed my own video of their “Heard it Through the Grapevine” here – complete with the Marvinettes! These guys are a hoot.

Another amusing point? They brought up the house lights at one point and took OUR picture. One of the guys came out with a camera and said they’d put the pics up on their Facebook page and if we could, when we had a moment, please go tag ourselves. We all giggled at that one. :)

Their concert was so amazing, we gave them a standing ovation before the end of their last song. We yelled and screamed and stomped our feet, and of course, they came out for an encore. They did their 12 Days of Christmas rendition. So funny! I didn’t get a video of it, but I really wish I had.

They took another bow and left the stage. But the house lights didn’t come up. So we kept yelling and clapping, clapping and yelling…

And then they sheepishly came out again. So of course, we got louder. :) Turns out they hadn’t expected or even planned on a second encore. So they had already taken off the mics. All ten guys stood on the apron of the stage, sans amplification, with the soloist in the middle and sang “In the Still of the Night.”

Let me tell you – you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet when they were singing. Some of us had to strain to hear because they weren’t amplified, but from our seats, we had no problem.

Chills went down my spine hearing that song. When you take away the mics, fancy lights, smoke effects and smooth choreography, what you are left with is ten amazing vocal artists who combined, make amazing music onstage.

If Straight No Chaser is coming to your town, please go see them. They are incredible and worth the price of admission ten times over.  (and no, I didn’t receive any compensation from this review. I just think they’re amazing. :))

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