Thursday, September 9, 2010

I love new furniture

A few weeks ago, Husband and I were helping friends set up for their garage sale. They were moving soon and trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff.

Of course, Hubs found a bunch of books he wanted – something about languages, I think. In any case, I found a gorgeous papasan chair in the basement.  It had a sign for $15 on it and I told E that!!! It was a lighter wicker than one we have, with a white cushion that would match the cushions in the craft room! Plus, this one wasn’t falling apart like the one we currently have.

To refresh your memory, here’s what it looked like before…


And here’s what it looks like now…

Craft room with new papasan chair

Doesn’t it look so much better!  Now if I could just repaint that coffee table white to match everything else in the room…


  1. Very cute! I have one too that I had to get rid of because I'm running out of room! Right now it's just sitting in my garage.

  2. I love that white chair, and maybe it's just the lighting, but it lightens up the whole room!

  3. Wow, it really opened up the whole room! It's amazing how much difference one little change can make!