Friday, December 3, 2010

A Few Lists for a Friday Afternoon

Mrs Doctor at Life of a Doctor’s Wife posted a few lists today that seemed to be a wonderful way to recap a Friday. I told her that I’d probably borrow it and post my own answers to her lists, so here I am, doing just that.

5 Things I Want to Do But Cannot Do No Matter How Hard I Try

  1. Manage to dress myself every morning without over-thinking things
  2. Eat scallops
  3. Wear jeans tucked into boots without looking like a farmer
  4. Argue with/confront someone without crying – blatantly stolen from Mrs. Doctor because it’s so true for me too!
  5. Not hate my hair the minute after I’ve styled it for the day

5 Things I Want to Do But Not Quite Enough to Expend the Effort to Do Them

  1. Exercise a few times a week
  2. Cook a real meal for myself and Husband every night
  3. Read all those books from high school that I didn’t really enjoy back then
  4. Stop drinking caffeine
  5. Keep my house as organized as I really would like

5 Things I Want to Do and WILL Do

  1. Start my own wedding planning business.
  2. Travel somewhere in the world with my husband where we’ve both never been (this has never been the case)
  3. Have a child (God willing)
  4. Decorate our dream house after we buy it
  5. Learn to say a few words in French – and know what I’m saying!


  1. Oh this is fabulous and I may borrow it for another day. :) And I can help with the French. Anytime you want a few little words or phrases, just let me know.

  2. I loved her list too! And I really want to learn Italian, like on my commute with audio lessons. But right now I have to listen to law school review tapes. FUN. I think learning languages is wonderful though :)

  3. Great lists! The whole farmer thing cracked me up!