Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ode to Long Underwear

Flickr - smile4camera

On a cold Saturday evening, while I’m nice and warm inside, waiting for our view outside to turn into something like the picture above, I am left to ponder the wonderful-ness that is silk underwear.

O Long Underwear

How I love thee

You make me feel wonderfully warm and cozy

Even underneath my work pants

I don’t know how I lived in this frozen place without you

We should have met so much earlier

Walking across the frozen tundra of campus as an undergrad

You and my snow boots would have made such a pair

Even though we’ve only recently met

I know that we will become ever so close

Soon on our European vacation

O long underwear

How I adore thee

The fact that you’re silk makes it that much better

I wish I could wear you everyday


Ok, so I’m not much of a poet. But I sure do love my long underwear. They may just make an appearance every day this winter, even at work. Because I like them that much. :)

I think I’ll go put them on…



  1. You are too funny! I may have to look in to some for my mom next Christmas! She is the layer queen in the winter!