Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy has this great link-up to focus attention on getting dressed and feeling cute about what you wear! What a great idea!

Thursday – work

WIWW Dec 9

The argyle sweater was a gift from my mom at some point in the past and is sooo comfy! This is before it got really cold around the area but it’s still cold in the office so sweaters are a nice thing to have. The brown pants are my standard work pants.

Friday – casual day at work

WIWW Dec 10

I have caught up with the fashionistas – here are my new skinny jeans! I found them at Goodwill, the same trip as the wonderful coat expedition. They were $4 and fit perfectly! I can tuck them into my tall brown boots and they look great. Yay!

Saturday - errands

WIWW Dec 11

This purple shirt is sooo comfy. It’s another Goodwill find, so it was probably about $4. The purple scarf was probably a gift from someone, so I can’t remember what that cost. I decided that since it was a bit cold, I wanted something more than just a shirt and the scarf was the perfect thing! I love this way of wearing one of those. It keeps me warm and is an accessory!


No picture because I forgot. :)

Monday – work

WIWW Dec 13

But it was 5 degrees when I woke up. FIVE DEGREES. I had to layer in serious proportions.

Tuesday – work holiday party!

WIWW Dec 14

I couldn’t find anything to wear for the annual holiday party that evening that didn’t make me feel ridiculous. So a festive purple long sleeve shirt it was.

I do need to mention that these are the new pants I found at Gordman’s on Black Friday. They are quite comfy and have POCKETS! I love pockets in pants for when I run events. I can carry my cell phone with me and not look weird carrying it. :)

Wednesday – another work event

WIWW Dec 15

So I should have worn THIS outfit for the holiday party the day before. But I didn’t find this cute sweater with a bit of sparkle in the weave until after the party when I was starting to shop my closet for the Europe trip packing list. In any case, I felt very festive for my office’s Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.

And yes, they felt appreciated by the end of the evening.


  1. I love the purple shirt! Very cute!

  2. You always look adorable! The last outfit is my fav, but purple is a great color on you!

  3. Saturday's errands outfit is my favorite :)

  4. You have the CUTEST sweaters! LOVE. The argyle, the pink turtleneck, the light blue, the purple long-sleeve - all so pretty!