Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Little Shopping Does a Lady Good

To prepare for this crazy European trip (that starts two weeks from TODAY. Um. YIKES.), Husband and I did some shopping last night.

If it’s going to be around freezing and snowing in London and Paris, I needed some serious help in staying warm. Someone suggested long underwear, so off to REI we went.

After trying on the yummy Patagonia smartwool black undies, I decided I didn’t need to spend $60 on something no one would see, and so got the cheaper REI-brand version. Hopefully it will keep me just as warm for cheaper. It’s silk, so it can’t be all bad!

We ended up at the Container Store and Husband got some organizer-type things. I found this neat bag and thought it would be a good thing to have for the trip’s toiletries, to combine everything in to one bag that actually could hang on the back of the bathroom door – but Husband issued a challenge.


He said that I could buy the bag – if that was the ONLY toiletry bag I took along on the two-week trip.

Um, say what?!

Kids, it’s only 10" x 3-3/4" x 6-3/4" h according to the Container Store’s website. There are three little sections and two of them are not flat openings, you can actually put bottles in there and not squish them when you fold everything up.

So yes, it’s possible. But he said EVERYTHING. That means my morning routine, shower things, hair stuff and make up…

This might not be possible.

He then relented in allowing me to exclude the trial hair dryer from the packing requirement. But that’s still a LOT of things to get in a relatively small bag.

But I won’t need make up in Europe, right? Maybe that travel flat iron would fit instead of three brushes. That’s why it’s called economizing, right?

Someone tell me I’m not crazy. Can I make that work?


  1. Girl! Just slip your makeup into another bag - You NEED makeup in Europe! When faced with that many beautiful women, I promise, you want to look precious! I speak from experience. I had my worst hair days in Paris and it was depressing at the time - until the sparkly Eiffel Tower distracted me! SOOO very jealous! Have a fabulous time and eat a chocolate crepe for me!

  2. You probably already know this, but London is REALLY windy at this time of year. For some reason, that makes it a lot worse than plain old cold for me because wind just gets to me for some reason. Just an FYI :)

    Also don't worry about your hair straightener because you won't want to plug it in anyway... They really do not convert well (my hair got fried)