Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Dilemma of Epic Proportions

Florida Trip (146)

Never tell me that I’m not dramatic. I have a degree in the dramatic, after all!

Husband and I made reservations for a Disney World trip in October – just the two of us. We haven’t had one of those vacations since our honeymoon! All of our other trips have been because and with our wonderful families, both sides.

But the other day, I checked my email for the tenth time at 10 am and came across the Disney Holy Grail – a PIN code. It’s a discount code that no one quite knows the rhyme or reason how Disney decides who gets one. But it’s pretty awesome to get one – upwards of 40% off a deluxe resort. YAY.

The downside of the PIN code is that is restricted by date. And the dates we had scheduled for our October trip? Only two of the dates are available for the discount code.

So which trip would you take?

Option One aka the Original Trip:

  • We would stay at the Port Orleans: French Quarter, a place we’ve stayed before and really like
  • Five days in the park, somewhat crowded because of lots of things going on in the park, but not as bad as Christmas, which is what we’re used to
  • We’d get to experience the Food and Wine Experience, something we’ve never done but have always really wanted to do
  • One small frustration may include checking out of the hotel and checking back in, because it would be two reservations due the PIN code (which ends up saving us $150 or so)
  • Ends up being around $1400 (with the savings)

Option Two aka the Dream Birthday Trip:

  • The resort is the Polynesian. Um, yeah. It’s amazing. And concierge level? Even better.
  • Plus it’s my birthday weekend. Yay!
  • The concierge level gets us free continental breakfast and drinks and snacks throughout the day. So we get more, even though the hotel is more expensive.
  • Four days in the park over Labor Day, somewhat more crowded because of the holiday.
  • Ends up being around $1900

Do we go for an extra day during Food and Wine or do we do the amazing resort that we probably not be able to stay at until years and years down the line, because of the cost?

Husband wants to take me to the Poly for my birthday, if that’s what I want. But, it’s more expensive for one less day…

I have no idea which one to choose!


  1. That is a tough one! I'd want more days in the park. It would be awesome to stay at the Polynesian but are you more likely to spend your time in the parks vs time in the hotel?

  2. Personally, I'd take the longer trip over the more luxurious one. I'd much rather get more time and adventure from my trip, than a nicer hotel. I just that's just not as important to me. Ust he money you would have spent on the other hotel for something for yourselves - a fancy dinner out, a massage, a round of golf, etc. Plus, Food & Wine Experience sounds amazing!

  3. Hmmm. I don't know. I'd probably want more days in the park, but I am not a lounge-around-in-the-hotel type girl.