Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The only thing good about being sick…

…is my Netflix subscription.

Since my stomachache left me on the couch all weekend and a sick day on Monday, I have watched my fair share of Netflix, including…

  1. Letters to Juliet (ok, this was a DVD from Netflix, but still)
  2. The Duchess
  3. The Tudors – Season 1 (yup, all ten of them!)
  4. The Proposal
  5. The Ugly Truth 
  6. Billy Elliot
  7. SNL: The Best of Commercial Parodies
  8. The Tudors – Season 2 (halfway thru!)

It was so much more productive a weekend than I thought I was going to have cleaning! :)


  1. Well yay for Netflix! You poor dear! Hope you are finally feeling better!

  2. Whew. Yay for Netflix. I do love The Proposal. And being sick sucks. I still have a Christmas tree to take down. Can you tell my brain is fuzzy by my random rambling comments!? Please feel better!

  3. Didn't you love The Tudors?!?! I miss it sooo much. Viva JRM.

  4. Aww feel better!!

    I seriously LOVE the Tudors! My inlaws got us seasons 2-4 for Christmas. I can't wait for Z to get home so I can finally watch them!

  5. Aw boo on being sick...but yay on seeing so many fun flicks! :) Did you like The Proposal?! I kinda wanted to see it but havent.

  6. Hope you are better. I got an illness in Dec that lasted 2 WEEKS.. It was terrible. Hopefully you are up and running soon!