Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Impromptu Spanish Christmas Vacation – Day Four in Mijas Costa

It’s Christmas!

A (6)

The courtyard outside our condo

We knew this day was going to be hard, regardless of where in the world we would celebrate it. Without Dad, somehow Thanksgiving seemed to fall flat and I was worried that Christmas would just be, missing something. Obviously.

So we decided to not make a big deal of it.

We slept in, opened presents and  ate breakfast.

B (3)

Brother got Epic Mickey. Epic.

B (8)

Mom was really happy about her new earrings.

B (9)

Husband and I both got nook covers with a light attached!

B (10)  

After a bit, we decided we needed something more than soda and cheese and crackers for a proper Christmas dinner.

We found the Casablanca Restaurant – apparently hosting a traditional British Christmas dinner, complete with live music!

C (16)

C (3) C (17)

There was a present in there for us… hats!

C (4)

We celebrated with a mimosa and paper hats all around!

 C (8)

They had all kinds of fun decorations!

C (9)

C (10)

We spent three hours listening to the British DJ make fun of us for being the only Americans there…

C (11)

Plus eat fantastic meat from the carvery…

C (13)

Because who doesn’t have a disco ball at Christmas dinner?

We sang John Denver’s “Country Roads” as the Brit DJ’s version of a country song…

C (14)

We downed two bottles of wine between the four of us.  

 C (19)

Husband is really excited about his HUGE glass of wine.

It was a glorious way to spend a Christmas afternoon in Spain.
To top it off, we watched a movie that night back at the hotel. Wonderful. :)


  1. been loving these christmas holiday posts! so glad you were able to enjoy this trip!

  2. Glad you had a good Christmas! Your Nook covers look great!