Monday, January 31, 2011

1. Finish honeymoon scrapbook – DONE!

It’s official.

I have finished the scrapbook for our 2007 honeymoon.

After three and a half years of working on it, I finally scrapped the last page tonight.

Then I cried! Something seemed so final about it, even though I still have to work on the wedding scrapbook.

Here are the last few pages…

Scrapbooking (6)Scrapbooking (5) 

This is the Chateau du Roi Rene in Angers, France. Husband studied there in 2004 when he went abroad for a semester, so we had to visit there during our honeymoon. The gardens next to the Chateau were so beautiful. There was a plaque in French that described the history of the place.

Scrapbooking (4)Scrapbooking (3) 

Nearby Angers was the town of Amboise. We toured the castle there and saw the chapel on the grounds – this is where Da Vinci is buried.

Scrapbooking (1) Scrapbooking (2)

Inside, we saw the castle decorated as it would have been in the medieval ages when it was inhabited by the kings of the region. It was absolutely wonderful! I love that Husband had to sit in this chair and take a picture.  

Scrapbooking (12)Scrapbooking (11) 

Down the road from the castle at Amboise was Clos Luce, a sort of summer home. This was where Da Vinci lived at the invitation of the king for the last years of his life. The grounds are decorated with replicas of his invitations and is just a beautiful place to visit in the springtime!

Scrapbooking (10) 

“After our weekend in Angers, we were back in Paris for our last night in France. We had a reservation at Taillevent – our first five star restaurant. We ate and ate and ate for hours and then had the most amazing desserts of our lives. It was a perfect end to a magical honeymoon.”

Scrapbooking (9) 

“Our Honeymoon, April – May, 2007”

Unfortunately, the last page of the scrapbook didn’t quite fit in the book! I was so worried about finishing the last page that I didn’t count ahead to see how many inserts I had empty. But the good news was, there was just one last page that didn’t have a spot – but there was space on the back cover. A little glue fixed it right up!

 Scrapbooking (8)

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  1. I love it! I bet its so nice to have that done. A beautiful memory to have!