Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Barrister Ball, aka Law School Prom

“I got a feeling, oo oo, that tonight is gonna be a good night!”

Oh Black Eyed Peas, you were so right. It was an awesome night.

We checked into the Hilt0n D0wntown. I found a great deal on Priceline and couldn’t pass it up. It was easier to take a cab to the Fox rather than drive all the way home after the event.

This hotel is just beautiful. It’s called a boutique hotel which is odd for a chain hotel, I think.

 Barrister Ball 2011 (12)

I mean, this is the lobby – with a big ole chandelier and grand piano in the middle!

Barrister Ball 2011 (11)

I wish I could have hung out here because it was lovely. 

Barrister Ball 2011

I think this was an old bank, because the gift shop was in a vault! I would have explored more, but we had an important date to get all gussied up for!

We had decided to meet up with the other law school kids at a party room in an apartment building near the Fox Theatre. It was a great place to hang out, take pictures of our lovies all dressed up and get a drink before the Ball.

The party room had some great Art Deco details that I loved.

 Barrister Ball 2011 (14) Barrister Ball 2011 (15)

What a great bar! There was another bar in front of this as well.

Barrister Ball 2011 (16)

Barrister Ball 2011 (17)

Don’t we look good together? I think I’ll keep him!

  Barrister Ball 2011 (23)

A friend of M’s being too good for a picture.

The main event started at the Fox that evening – we were even on the marquee!

Barrister Ball 2011 (24)

Barrister Ball 2011 (25)

We had cocktails in the lobby…

Barrister Ball 2011 (26)   Barrister Ball 2011 (29) 

Dinner in the theatre…

Barrister Ball 2011 (32) Barrister Ball 2011 (33)  Barrister Ball 2011 (36)

And dancing on the stage! Barrister Ball 2011 (39)Barrister Ball 2011 (9)

Now, as an actor, on the stage of the most beautiful theatre in the city, what did I do?

Take pictures of the scenery of course! I may never get there again!

 Barrister Ball 2011 (2)

Barrister Ball 2011 (4)

Husband and I had a magical evening – with good food, good drinks and even better friends.

Barrister Ball 2011 (3)


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I don't think we've ever stayed at that Hilton. Is it the one across from the Crowne Plaza? I know we have been at the ballpark one and isn't union station a Hilton now?

  2. love, love, love the color of your dress!!!

  3. You guys look so gorgeous! And wow - it sounds like such a fun time!

  4. Oh Barrister's Ball! How I miss going to that party! So fun. Thanks for bringing back those memories!

  5. It sounds like fun! You look great (and so does your new blog layout!)

  6. You looked SO PRETTY! Loved your dress!

  7. Your dress is gorgeous! That chocolate cake thing has my mouth watering!

    Love the new blog design too!

  8. .... I havent thought of the Barrister's Ball in so long..... Looks like you had a great time!!!