Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Impromptu Spanish Christmas Vacation – Day Ten in Mijas and Madrid

Unfortunately, there aren’t really any pictures from the last two days in Spain. We had already been to Madrid, so no need to take pictures there, and I might get arrested if I take pictures in the airport.

Our last day at the condo, we got to sleep in and then figure out how to get all of our stuff in the bags again. It it truly amazing how much we bought over the past week! We are so thankful for an extra packed bag that we had been able to bring!

After managing to stuff everything into our bags and checking out of the condo, we drove to Malaga to catch the train to Madrid. Once in Madrid, we ended up needing two taxis for us and our stuff to the hotel.

This hotel was so random – since it was New Year’s Eve, all the places wanted to charge us double rack rate. Um, no, thanks! We went down the list in the Rick Steves books, calling everyone suggested hotel. The last one in the last section was this awesome little hostel (not like you’re thinking) that’s run by a Spanish grandma. I made the reservation completely in Spainsh, because she doesn’t speak a lick of English! I was quite proud of myself for doing all of that.

Ok, so it was totally lame, but after dinner, but we were cold and tired and I wasn't feeling well, so we rang in the New Year in our hotel room watching the Spanish Dick Clark. Brother was so annoyed with the three of us, because you could literally hear the revelers at the big plaza two blocks away.

But that’s ok. Because 2011 was going to be hundreds of times better than 2010.


  1. I'm so glad you had a nice trip and I KNOW 2011 is going to be WAY WAY WAY better than 2010 for you and your family.

  2. What an amazing vacation! I'm sad to see your recaps end - I loved vacationing vicariously through you! Can't wait until your next big trip. Disney, right? Cheers to a happy and healthy 2011!