Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It’s the only way he got me to play a video game


This little lovely came in the mail today. A few days ago, I saw it was on sale at Newegg and decided that for $30, I might as well take the plunge. It’s a video game and it has Mickey Mouse in it? I might actually like to play it.

And after all, I do have this goal of playing five video games with my husband. So yeah, it was a perfect fit.

When I got home, Husband had it set out and ready to go. The Wii was already plugged in and I had the Wii remote and nunchuck in hand within minutes of walking into the house.

There were a few scenes that set up the whole story and showed you where to go and what to do. Then there’s Gus, some kind of Gremlin or something, that helps you figure out what you’re supposed to do – spin move here, use thinner here to remove rocks, paint this area so you can walk across a crevice, that kind of thing.

My husband was remarkably patient in teaching me the simple things about a video game – how to jump from one rock to another, when there is a little gap. That sounds relatively easy, no? Apparently I don’t have the video game playing gene that my dear brother got.

I finally got that move down and was doing well with the painting and the thinning, trying to move up the levels. I think it will be fun to play again, but I’m not sure I’ll give up scrapbooking to take up playing video games.

But spending time with my husband as he teaches me about something I don’t know anything about? That was a pretty awesome way to spend a Tuesday evening at home.


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  1. So is it a neat game? I bet you'd like the Toy Story Mania game too. You aim at targets just like the ride at MGM. Kevin & I had a blast playing New Year's Eve! I'm practicing for the next time we go!