Friday, July 3, 2009

The Final Answer – or was it?

Now it’s early March and we still don’t have an answer. SLU has had his application since February – weeks now! – and we hadn’t heard anything. Not even a peep!

We had a few false starts – remember that silly envelope incident? Would you believe that it happened again a few days later? The second batch of applications. I thought hubs was going to have an aneurysm. Oh dear!

In late March, there was finally an answer. Hubs received an envelope addressed to him this time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a big envelope, it was a small one, with only one piece of paper in it.

We couldn’t believe the answer – he was on the waiting list.

Now, this wasn’t as bad as it seems. At least he wasn’t out and out rejected! That would have been the worst outcome.

We knew that he had the merits to get in, or else they wouldn’t have given him a place on the waiting list.

We were told that they would start reviewing their waiting list in mid-April. That was three more weeks of waiting. Three more weeks of not knowing if we had to secure thousands of dollars in loans. Three more weeks of not knowing if hubs would have to quit his job in the stockroom and end up pursuing the career of his dreams.

One afternoon, when we were both home, the phone rang. I thought it was the cable company calling about the new box that wasn’t working, so I had hubs grab the extension.

He said hello and then wandered into the other room for some privacy. I thought nothing of it, and continued to read my blogs (as I am wont to do :)).

A few seconds later, he comes back into my craft room, looks at me, looks at the phone in his hands, and says, “I got in.”

With those three little words, our world was turned upside down. We were both crying and jumping up and down, it was like when he proposed all over again. But we were both so HAPPY!

It was finally happening. Actually happening.

We set our sights on a dream and we accomplished it. I think I was even happier than he was. And oh so proud of him, I thought my heart would burst.

This is what being married is about. Putting both of you to work on a problem and solving it together. It makes the success that much sweeter.

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