Friday, July 31, 2009

Loving a summer Friday afternoon

Today was our company picnic. I’m loving company picnic days because I get to leave early! But before that, I had to plan and set up said picnic. Ugh.

There was a water balloon toss, volleyball and some awesome St. Louis-style ribs. Mmm! I think the staff had a good time, even if most of them ate and then left for an afternoon off.

I will say this as a public service announcement - if you’re going to use water balloons for a tossing game, don’t get the ones labeled “water balloons.” They are made with some magic NASA-strong rubber that WON’T break, no matter how hard you toss it to your partner over a THIRTY feet span of grass.

Photo by kaibara87

It was RIDICULOUS how much abuse these balloons took! Last year we had a few tosses and most everybody was out – and wet. This year, I think it went on for at least twenty minutes and people were fifty feet away from each other, still tossing and catching these balloons. Insane!

Glad that everyone had fun, but I’m hoping that someone else can take over it next year! It was a lot of work.

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