Monday, July 13, 2009

This Week in Law School – A Different Kind of Test

Before leaving for the Land of the Mouse last week, Hubs wanted to clear off some Law School items from his to-do list. There is still a lot to do – but the main items this week were loans and medical records.

We signed our Master Promissory Note online with Wachovia – and were pre-approved for our requested amount on the Stafford and the Grad Plus. Yay for being able to pay for books in August!

In any case, Hubs sent SLU the requested copies of his immunization and medical records to the Law School. Not sure why they needed another copy of these records – he did go to the same school for undergrad. Couldn’t they just call the Business School and ask them for a photocopy? Oh well.

After our vacation, Hubs had an e-mail from the school that said they were missing a few pieces. But that wasn’t all. Turns out he needs to have a new TB test and a tetanus booster in order to release the hold on his accounts. Apparently you have to have a recent TB test and the booster, well, given Hubs’ boyish activities, I’m sure he would benefit from the extra protection.

It’s off to the doctor for my dear husband. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that the insurance pays for these! SLU wanted to charge us over $100 for them!

So for this Week in Law School – make sure that you know what kind of documentation is needed for your school. You might need a medical test and who knows how long it may take to get those done. They’ll keep a hold on your account while you take the tests, and therefore won’t be able to register for classes until you do!

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